• Servicing

  • Regular servicing of your car or van is essential to keep it running as best it can. If you do not look after your engine then you risk causing permanent damage to it. Oil and filters should be regularly changed as over time it the engine oil mixes with other by products from the combustion engine. These by products are what can cause internal corrosion.

    Most manufacturers recommend engine servicing roughly every 10,000 miles or once per year. 

    At YM Autocare we offer very competitive prices on our service packages. We offer 3 types of service plans for your car & van this includes;

    - Oil & Oil Filter Change 
    - Engine Service Which Includes Oil & All Filters 
    - Full Service Which Includes Oil, All Filters, Brakes Serviced (Check & Adjustment) & Fluid Checks/Top Up

    Get in touch today, simply state the type of service you require & your full reg to get an instant quote.